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Skunk Removal

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     Advantage Animal Control specializes in beaver trapping and removal.  If you are a home or property owner and beavers are Flooding your property or damaging your trees.  Give us a call today.  We have the solution.

Grand Rapids Skunk removal and control

Skunks are a very common animal that we deal with. Common complaints include skunk living under deck or porch, skunk digging under home, skunk digging up yard, and skunk sprayed dog.

Skunk removal.

The best way to remove skunks is to live trap them. Mothballs, repellents, and ultrasonic devices do not work. Advantage Animal Control can live trap skunks and legally relocate them without them spraying.

Skunk control in West Michigan.

After the skunks are removed from your property, we can install an exclusion barrier around your deck or shed to keep new skunks from returning. All exclusion work is guaranteed.

Skunk biology and behavior.

Skunks live for 2-4 years in the wild. Skunks mate in February and give birth in May. A typical litter size is 5 or 6 young. Skunks are mostly active at night. Skunks are omnivores but they prefer insects. They will also prey on eggs from ground nesting birds.

Skunk diseases.

Skunk can carry the fatal disease rabies.

Trapping skunks yourself.

To trap skunks yourself you will need a cage trap. You must also buy a license, even if it is on your own property. Also, the DNR says it illegal to relocate skunks without a wildlife permit. Bringing skunks to a city park and letting them go is against the law.  Call Advantage Animal Control today. We can trap the skunks without them spraying and relocate them if needed.