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Oppossum Removal

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     Advantage Animal Control specializes in beaver trapping and removal.  If you are a home or property owner and beavers are Flooding your property or damaging your trees.  Give us a call today.  We have the solution.

Professional possum removal

We offer Mole removal, Bat removal, Raccoon removal, Skunk removal, Squirrel removal, woodchuck removal, muskrat removal, Beaver trapping and removal and more in the Grand Rapids, MI  and surrounding areas.

Opossum Trapping:

Skunks, Muskrats, and Opossums can be troublesome, but be very careful considering trapping them yourself.  You need licenses to trap and/or move certain animals, and if you have them living in or under your home, you might not catch all of them--for example, you might only catch the mother and leave babies behind to cause further problems.  Advantage Animal Control knows how to properly trap Skunks so that they won't spray.  We trap Muskrats that are damaging your property, and we know how to catch Possums that can be very defensive and could cause injury to amateur trappers.